Frequently Ask Questions

What is Madina Mac Residency?

Madina Mac Residency is a quality high-rise mixed-use development of 567 two- and three-bedroom Apartments with 12 individual, specious and modern design layouts, 261 Commercial Units of various sizes and categories, in addition to 586 dedicated parking bays laid over two floors with a mixture of modern amenities such as Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, Community Hall, Mosque etc.

It is set at the feet of the stunning Margalla Hills and green embroidered scenery.

Currently under construction on over 26 Kanal prime real estate land situated at Plot #11, Civic Zone, Block G, Bahria Enclave, Islamabad, Pakistan.

What is unique about Madina Mac Residency?

The most important feature of our building is the planning of the shops and apartments and overall design of the building. The residences are divided into different blocks to make a cluster in order to  have a sufficient flow of air and light throughout the apartments and passages that enhance the ventilation of the building. The building has 20 lifts in different blocks, Podium Café, Children Play area (indoors and outdoors) in addition to other amenities.


The mall has a huge atrium. It has two escalators going from the basement to the ground level of the mall. On ground level, there are shops of multiple sizes with 20 feet passages all around the mall with international heighted ceilings.

How many apartments are available in Madina Mac Residency?

In total there are 567 Apartments consisting of two and three bedroomed Apartments with 12 individual, specious and modern design layouts.

What level of quality are the apartments?

Madina Mac Residency and Mall are designed by one of the very best architects in Pakistan; Arch Vision (Mr. Akhtar Jameel). Moreover, the development is built to modern international standards and in-keeping with high design quality found within all Bharia branded developments. The development is focussed on practicality with easy access to nature and represents high quality and great value at prices that are affordable and within reach of most overseas investors. The green hilly surroundings of  the Margalla hills and a generous spread of gorgeous pine trees across the area add to the attraction of Bahria Enclave’s design.

What is the location of Madina Mac Residency?

The project is located at the commercial hub of Bahria Enclave, Islamabad. The building is surrounded by Bahria Enclave Head Office, Cine Gold Plex Cinema, Dancing Fountain, Enclave City Centre Shopping Mall and many other high profile residential and Commercial icons.

Its specific location is: Plot #11, Civic Zone, Block G, Bahria Enclave, Islamabad, Pakistan.

What is the difference between Bharia Enclave and Bharia Town?

The Bahria Enclave in Islamabad is one of many housing schemes developed and owned by Bahria Town Private Limited, which is among the biggest real estate developers, not just within Pakistan but also across South Asia. Bharia Enclave offers the best of design standards reflecting the Bharia brand.

What amenities are available in Madina Mac Residency?

Madina Mac Residency has been designed to ensure that every modern amenity is within the confines of the development including:

  • A mosque and prayer hall
  • Community Hall
  • Kids Play Area
  • Swimming Pool
  • Health club and Gym
  • Podium Café
  • Shopping Mall
  • Concierge Receptions
  • Dedicated Parking

How far is the new Islamabad Airport?

This development is just a 60 minutes’ drive from Pakistan’s new Islamabad International Airport.

How long does it take to get to downtown Islamabad?

Madina Mac Residency is just approximately 20 minutes away from downtown Islamabad.

Does Madina Mac and Bahria Enclave have a legally approved NOC?

Madina Mac Residency has a (NOC) No Objection Certificate and Bahria Enclave has an Layout Approval (LOP) which is a technical approval of the plan, under which the whole housing scheme is approved.

Who are the developers and what is their experience?

Madina Mac Residency is a joint venture between Salman Enterprise and Mac Developers. Our experience stretches across Pakistan with developments in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad over a 20 year period. This partnership is driven by a shared passion for creating high-quality living spaces that offer comfort and convenience to residents. We take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction and our willingness to go above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients.

When will the development be ready for handover?

Completion and handover is expected in September 2027 with rental payments possible if the development is delayed for any reason.

What is the size of accommodation available?

Size of accommodation varies depending on size and location of apartment within the overall development. Please follow the link and select your individual specification. LINK

Is Madina Mac Residency Safe?

Madina Mac Residency is set in an environment where your individual safety within your home as well as within the surrounding public areas will provide a highly safe and secure environment. With multiple CCTV cameras, on ground security wardens and your own internet linked security systems ensuring you, your family and your home will provide best in class protection.

Can payments be made in Instalments?

All of our apartments are available on instalments. Typically you will pay a 20% initial payment followed by 14 quarterly payments of 5% and a final payment of 10% on completion.

Are there any incentives to pay in advance?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount on the overall value of the Apartment(s) or a Commercial Unit(s) for payments made in advance.

Is it a secure investment for overseas Pakistanis?

Our overseas office is based in the UK and your ownership registration documents will be registered in Pakistan with the oversight of Capital Development Authority (CDA). Further details are available on request. Your own details and your next of kin will be registered to ensure traceability and inheritance.

What taxes and services charges will need to be paid?

The prevailing Federal Board of Revenue Taxes will be applicable. Service charges will be announced on completion and charged at the prevailing rates at the time of handover to ensure the standards and cleanliness are maintained at all times

Why are investors interested in Madina Mac Residency at Bariah Enclave?

The fact is any development in Pakistan is of interest to investors given the size and scale of growth in population and subsequent housing demand. Its location in the Capital City of Islamabad with excellent links to the Airport and set in the backdrop of the beautiful Margalla Hills will ensure this investment will offer long term benefit to investors.

How can I purchase a property?

Register now following this link xxxxxxxx

In case of dispute who do I contact?

Just email our admin team by email or telephone at xxxxxxxxx